Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

The nature-talent fairies are bringing to the mainland the season of leaves, hibernation, chilly breezes, and pumpkins: autumn. Meanwhile, Tinker Bell and dust-talent fairies like Terence are staying in Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell is trying to make a "Pixie Express". But it fails just as she is called to meet Queen, Fairy Mary, and The Minister of Autumn.

They show her a magical moonstone and explain to her its powers. Every eight years, there is a blue harvest moon in Pixie Hollow. When the light of this moon passes through the moonstone, it creates blue pixie dust to rejuvenate the pixie dust tree. The Autumn Revelry is the associated event during which the fairies gather to collect the dust.

A new scepter is to be made to raise the moonstone, and Tinker Bell has been recommended. Tink accepts the task, as well as help from Terence. But as the work on the scepter progresses, Tink begins to have trouble with Terence, who is trying too hard to be helpful. An accident occurs, causing the scepter and the stone to break. Tink sets out on in a balloon she's created to find a magic mirror, which, according to legend, granted two of three wishes before becoming lost. Tink intends to use the last wish to repair the moonstone.

Along the way, she meets Blaze, a brave firefly. Tinker Bell finally discovers the mirror, but she accidentally wasted the wish. She is found by Terence, who has been following her after discovering her plans and the fragments of the moonstone in her empty house.

Tink and Terence start back to Pixie Hollow. Along the way, Tink fixes the scepter using a white gem from the top of the mirror, the scepter pieces Terence has wisely brought, and the moonstone pieces, all set at just the right angle. She discovers the magic of friendship, humility (not blaming others for everything) and love. Thanks to inspired teamwork with Terence, she is ready to give the scepter to Queen Clarion.

When she unveils the scepter, the assembled fairies are alarmed to see the fragments of the moonstone. However, the broken moonstone shards create an unexpected benefit – increased surface area through which the rays of the blue moon could pass, which creates the most blue pixie dust ever seen in Pixie Hollow.

Review from this Movie:
This movie reminded me the importance of friendship, as Tinker Bell discovered the magic of friendship, humility and love at the end of the movie. Friends are really important in our life. They are the one that we can share our feelings and emotions with. A true friend will really care about you. Although sometimes there are misunderstandings, but in the end a true friendship will actually overcome the problems that arises. Therefore, we must always appreciate the moment when we are together with our friends. Well, to get rid or minimize misunderstanding, we must always get back into communication. You see, it is just all about communication! One more thing that not to be forgotten, which is I love this movie very much!

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