Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Impression

You will never get a second chance to make the first impression, that’s why you need to have strong self-presentation skills to get everlasting and good first impression. What is first impression? It is actually the first consideration or judgement from people based on your appearance, body language, mannerisms and many other factors. We cannot deny the fact that first impressions are playing an important role in our life and it can affect us in dealing with relationships too.

How first impressions are actually formed? Well, Professors Elizabeth Phelps and James Uleman of New York University, Assistant Professor James Mitchell of Harvard University, and researchers Daniela Schiller and Jonathan Freeman have conduct a study that uses fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance imaging) to scan the brain of people on the moment where first impressions were formed barely based on simple descriptions and initial evaluation. It is found that there was a significant activity in 2 regions of the brain when the information is encoded to form the first impression.

First Region: Amygdala
It is a small structure in the medial temporal lobe that previously has been associated with emotional learning about inanimate objects as well as social evaluations that based on trust or race group.

Second Region: Posterior Cingulate Cortex (PCC)
It is known to facilitate economic decision-making and assigning subjective value to rewards.


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