Sunday, January 17, 2010

Intrapersonal Communication

Have you ever been talking to yourself, writing down your thoughts and observations, making gestures while thinking or day-dreaming? I am pretty sure that everyone does it every day. Indeed, it is a form of intrapersonal communication, where you communicate with yourself without involving any other individuals. By going through this, people are able to understand more about themselves, such as what are their desires and needs, as well as their understanding towards the world and reality.

Why is intrapersonal communication essential? This is because intrapersonal communication can be known as one of the most basic element in communication. Before you can communicate and understand the others, you must first communicate with yourself and understand yourself. Just as the quote written by John C.Maxwell, “It is your duty to find yourself.” In most of the time, people will not know your thoughts if you yourself do not even know yours. Therefore, it is important to develop interpersonal communication skills in order to have successful communication with the people around you.

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