Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Apples

Years back on one afternoon, I came back home from school with a puzzled look on my face. Mom asked me what’s running on in my mind and I said, “Are all people the same even if their skin colour is different?” She was quiet for a moment and then replied, “I’ll explain, if only you can wait until we make a quick stop at the grocery store. I have something interesting to show you”

At the grocery store, mom told me that we needed to buy apples. We went over to the fruit section where we bought some red apples, green apples and yellow apples. At home, while she was putting all the groceries away, she called me and said “it’s time to answer your question”. She arranged the apples on the table; first a red apple, followed by a green apple and then a yellow apple. Then she looked over at me, ready to answer.

“Korrisha, people are just like apples. They come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. See, some of the apples have been bumped around and are bruised. On the outside, they may not even look as delicious as the others.” As mom was talking, I was examining the each one of it. Then mom took each of the apples and peeled them, placing them back on the table but in a different place. She asked me “Okay, tell me which one is the red apple, the green apple and the yellow apple.” I wasn’t able to figure it out and told her “They all look the same now”.
Mom said “take a bite of each one. See if that helps you figure out which one is which.” I took big bites and I started giving her huge smiles.

Mom was like “people are just like apples! They are all different, but once you take off the outside, they’re pretty much the same on the inside.” I agreed. She continued “just like how everyone has their own personality but are still basically the same.” I totally understood from that point of time what she meant.

Now, when I bite into an apple, it tastes a little sweeter than before. What perfect food for thought.
=) Korrisha

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