Sunday, February 28, 2010

Men VS Conflict

A great cartoon strip showing how a man try to avoid conflict, which is the opposite of women that always want to deal with the conflict and try to talk about and resolve it.

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Let Me Live...

Let me cut my own hair.
If it looks horrible,
Let me learn not to touch scissors and that hair grows back.

Let me spend my money.
If the shirt’s too little and the store doesn’t give refunds,
Let me learn to save my cash.

Let me flunk my test.
If I fail the class and miss the honor roll list,
Let me learn to study more.

Let me miss the shot.
If my team loses and I’m on the bench,
Let me learn to concentrate on the basket.

Let me go out past curfew.
If I get grounded and miss the big party this weekend,
Let me learn to follow the rules.

But most important, let me live..
If I learn a lesson,
You’ve done your part.

When you tend to age, especially from kids to teen stage, you’ll be curious and wanting to know more of what the outside world is like. Learning and lessons from it is what you ask for. Our biggest prize is not in never failing, but in rising in every time you fall.
=) Korrisha


Tiny waists and thinner arms
Is all they want to see
The pressure to be perfect
Is slowly closing in
An utter suffocation
That doesn’t seem to end.
Society is telling
Beautiful is thin
And if I choose to starve
Perfection’s what I win.
Shoving something down my throat
Will get me what I want
Bring me closer to that goal
Of a body I can flaunt
Society is telling
Beauty is a price
Measured in the size of you
In weight and clothing size.

This is how society expects people to be. If you’re not what it is asked for, they’ll never seem to bother you. I wonder why can’t this be changed; as what I’m trying to say is that treat everyone equally. There is only one beauty that I know, which is learning to accept yourself. The beauty that really matters, lies in our heart and our soul. Because when you love what’s inside, you’ll love what’s outside even more.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Please treat me well; I am as I’m treated

When I am loved, I can love who I am
When I am cared for, I can care for myself
When I am treated as someone, so I may feel I am seen

Speak to me, so I may learn to listen
Expose the world to me, so I may see its beauty
Look into my eyes, so I may feel I am seen

If you’re good to me, I must be a good person

When you smile at me, I can smile inside
When you let me make choices, I know that I can choose
When you give to me, I can give a bit back

Touch me gently, so I may touch others
Rest my unrest, so that I may learn self- control
Soothe me, so I may learn to soothe

Love me, but give me room to love others

When you treat me as successful, I can learn to succeed
When you respect my dreams, I can explore reality
When you allow my mistakes, I can accept what they teach

Teach me diversity of thought, so I may be open-minded
Help me help others, so I may grow to be selfless
Demonstrate your diligence, so I may earn my way in life

Show me how to laugh, so I may laugh with others
Laugh at your shortcomings, so I may accept my own

I am someone and I am loved!
This poem of self-esteem caught my attention and as poems is ambiguous in many ways; this one here could really make a person understand the word self-esteem! It shows the importance that a person needs to boost up the self-esteem.
=) Korrisha

It's Relief

I’m not quite sure when the turning point came. But I know that it came after a fight I had with my mother. It was a typical fight at that point of time. You know how it is, you lie once, and then they all start to pile up. And nothing happens evenly, it’s always all at once. At that point of time I drifted apart from my mother, and my best friends, whom I needed to turn to, were angry with me. That’s where I learned my second lesson, the first is not to lie and the second is never keep your feelings hidden. That’s what my friends did, and when I found out, it was too late. Being a teenager is really hard as I often go through stressful moments.

My house was a battle zone. I’d sleep till I had to go to school and then after school I would lock myself in my room. In between, I’d cry and feel sorry for myself, when I wasn’t fighting with my mom. That day it all changed.

She was screaming at me about how I wasn’t a part of the family anymore- that no one liked being around me because I was always so hostile. I screamed back, as most sixteen year olds would. But my mom doesn’t me ground me or take away the phone, she assigns essays. My assignment was to apologise for my behaviour.

I cried tears of rage in my room, screaming on what I could possibly write. Somehow I started to write. And the apology turned in to an explanation. I poured out every pain and emotion, ones that I had hidden behind my rage, the ones I cried about during the night. I didn’t know how to get back being me, and I hated what I had become. I felt so lost. And, most of all, I felt like everyone that I had depended on me had left me. Feeling of alone conquered me.

I left the letter on my mom’s bed and went to sleep, exhausted form sobbing. The next morning I woke up early enough to go to school by myself as no one was awake yet. I crept into the bathroom and noticed a card with my name written on it in my mother’s handwriting taped to the mirror. She understood that I was lost and scared. And she promised that she would help me. I got into the hot shower, silently sobbing. This time, the tears were of relief, not of despair.
=) Korrisha