Sunday, January 17, 2010

Communication Board

I rent a room which is near HELP. The house got 9 people staying inside. We don't meet each other everyday, so it is a bit hard for us to communicate with each other. For instance, we want to leave a message to another house mate to make sure she off the light or remember to pay the rental but he or she unable to meet the main tenant. At last, we decided to get a board where all of us can leave a message on it. The board is called as " communication board". It is categorized into three part. First, it has duty roster. Second, there is status part to write whether we are at home or outside. Third is the chatting box, it just like the MSN, where we leave our message to each other.

Since we cannot meet and talk to each other face by face, we still can talk via the communication board.

It is an example of non verbal communication :D

Tan Wee Hong

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