Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tiny waists and thinner arms
Is all they want to see
The pressure to be perfect
Is slowly closing in
An utter suffocation
That doesn’t seem to end.
Society is telling
Beautiful is thin
And if I choose to starve
Perfection’s what I win.
Shoving something down my throat
Will get me what I want
Bring me closer to that goal
Of a body I can flaunt
Society is telling
Beauty is a price
Measured in the size of you
In weight and clothing size.

This is how society expects people to be. If you’re not what it is asked for, they’ll never seem to bother you. I wonder why can’t this be changed; as what I’m trying to say is that treat everyone equally. There is only one beauty that I know, which is learning to accept yourself. The beauty that really matters, lies in our heart and our soul. Because when you love what’s inside, you’ll love what’s outside even more.


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